More than 100 legal experts gathered in Liverpool to share knowledge and experience around the current housing condition crisis.

The event, which attracted professionals from across the country, was hosted by MLA (Medical Legal Appointments), a company well-known for its three decades of experience in facilitating expert witness reports. During the all-day event, presenters ranging from solicitors to surveyors joined keynote speaker Kwajo Tweneboa, who is an ardent advocate for affordable housing.

Following his father’s death in an unfit apartment, Kwajo experienced personal tragedy that led to his transformation into an activist.

Julie Usher, key account manager at MLA, said:

“Housing disrepair is a national problem we hear about from our customers every day. Some of the conditions that people are living in are appalling, and no one should have to live like this. 

“The conference was an opportunity to bring together highly experienced experts in the field of housing disrepair and look at how we can all challenge the government on housing conditions and make sure our clients are getting the best possible advice and service to help them through their situation.”

MLA organised the conference to discuss current issues and challenges, offer advice on how to run cases more efficiently, and address pressing issues within the realm of housing disrepair.

While the speakers were able to give examples of industry best practises and case law, Kwajo was able to bring a more personal element to what living in such conditions was really like as a child growing up and discuss the circumstances he has witnessed while campaigning for better housing conditions.

He said:

“The MLA Housing Disrepair Conference was great, bringing industry professionals together to discuss arguably the greatest challenge currently facing the housing sector as a whole in the UK. It was eye opening to say the least, sharing examples of horrific situations we have all seen people have to live in and the challenging stories they’ve faced. 

“The consensus was clear that residents need support, and more effort is needed to help support them and drive systemic change! Would love to see even more great industry professionals at MLA’s next conference!”

Prominent leaders and experts also graced the occasion, such as barrister George Murray, costs expert Nick McDonnell, costs expert Steve Cornforth, surveyor Mike Knight from ATE, and costs expert Mal Ashall. They shared their expertise and experience through keynote presentations, panel discussions, and interactive workshops.

The presenters offered thorough evaluations of current court rulings, legislative modifications, and noteworthy case studies pertaining to housing disrepair claims. The experts addressed the most pressing issues in housing disrepair litigation by exploring best practises and sharing practical strategies for success.

As a Liverpool agency with a far-reaching national presence, MLA specialise in providing comprehensive medical reporting services. With a robust foundation of over thirty years of experience, they bring unparalleled expertise to every report. 

The team ensures a trifecta of quality, efficiency, and value for its clients while acknowledging the individuality of each client with the help of a sizable network of specialized expert witnesses.

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